How to see Online Friends on GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp offers various features to Android users. The reason to use GB WhatsApp in your Android devices is, it offers an enormous number of extra privacy and customization features. GB WhatsApp is basically the modified version of the official WhatsApp available on various platforms.

Due to a large number of users use social networking messaging call WhatsApp, the demand for the social messaging services are high among all platforms. But due to some technical reasons, official version of the WhatsApp is unable to provide various features which are available in the GB WhatsApp.

Important features of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

These of the following features which are available in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. These features are not available in the official version of the WhatsApp.

  • Various privacy settings are available including the customization of the privacy settings like customization of blue ticks.
  • All new emojis are available in the GB WhatsApp.
  • Ability to set the WhatsApp group name up to 35 character, which is not possible in the official WhatsApp version.
  • Ability to lock that GB WhatsApp without using any third-party apps to lock the apps.
  • Chat hiding feature is also available in the GB WhatsApp which is similar to the chat hiding in the Hike Messenger.

Steps to see online friends on GB WhatsApp:

Use this following feature to see online friends on GB WhatsApp. There are various extra features available in the GB WhatsApp, one of this feature is saying online friends without entering into their chat inbox.

  1. Launch the GB WhatsApp by typing on the GB WhatsApp icon on the app list of the Android devices.
  2. Once the GB WhatsApp open up, tap on the three vertical dots to access the menu of the GB WhatsApp.

  1. From the drop-down menu of the GB WhatsApp go to the GB settings of the GB WhatsApp.

  1. Now on the GB WhatsApp settings tap on the Main/Chat screen to open the chat settings.

  1. Now from the chat settings of the GB WhatsApp select the online contact toast option.

  1. Now on the next page check the box beside the show online contact toast.
  2. After that, it will ask you to restart your GB WhatsApp, confirm by tapping on the ok button.
  3. Once the GB WhatsApp restarts in your device, you will see a toast notification about the friends becoming online on the WhatsApp.
  4. You can always disable this feature by unchecking the box beside the show contact toast.


We have who is first on the internet about the various GB WhatsApp features for you. We have also provided the step by step guide to enable online contact toast to show the online friends on the GB WhatsApp. We are also provided the few extra features which are not available in the official version of the WhatsApp. Share this article with other GB WhatsApp users so that they can also use these useful features to find out about online friends on their Android devices.



Love Shayari for Hindi Lovers

Romantic Shayari in Hindi – See here largest collection romantic  shayari in Hindi with image at poetrytadka. Express your feeling with Hindi’s largest collections romantic  Shayari website with poetrytadka. Read, Post and share your favorite Hindi romantic  Shayari on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and twitter with friends.

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Khuda Ne Jab Ishq Banaya Hoga,
To Khud Ajmaya Hoga,
Hamari To Aukaat Hi Kya Hai,
Is Ishq Ne Khuda Ko Bhi Rulaya Hoga.

❤✮ Love Hindi Shayari for Lover ✮ ❤

Tujhe Mohabbat Karna Nahi Aata,
Mujhe Mohabbat Ke Siva Kuch Nahi Aata,
Zindagi Guzarne Ke Do Tarike Hote Hai,
Ek Tujhe Nahi Aata Aur Ek Mujhe Nahi Aata.

❤✮ Shayari in Hindi Love ✮ ❤

न जिद है न कोई गुरूर है हमे,
बस तुम्हे पाने का सुरूर है हमे,
इश्क गुनाह है तो गलती की हमने,
सजा जो भी हो मंजूर है हमे।

❤✮ Hindi Shayari for Love ✮ ❤

माना की तुम जीते हो ज़माने के लिये,
एक बार जी के तो देखो हमारे लिये,
दिल की क्या औकात आपके सामने,
हम तो जान भी दे देंगे आपको पाने के लिये!…


How to add music to iPhone

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne on April 1,1976 almost 42 years ago. When It was founded nobody was aware that one day it will be the one of the highest growth company for the technology all over the world. It has more than 500 of stores as for the calculation of census in the year 2017. This company served millions and billions of people around world who there are many key people of this company which include The chairman Arthur D levinson, The CEO of Apple right now is Tim Cook and the CDO of the Apple company is Jonathan Ive ,The CFO of the Apple company is Luca mystery and CPO of the company Apple is Jeff William. This company offers various products all over the world like iPod, iPhone,iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, Homepod, Mac Operating System, iOS watch, iOS TVS, iLife, Iwork Macintosh.

This company also provides the services like Apple pay, Apple store, Apple iTunes store, App store ,Mac App store, book store, iCloud and Apple music.

It has the revenue of 229.324 million US dollar as per the 2017 their operating income is near about 61.344 billion on gb instagram.

iOS ( iPhone OS)

iOS, it is basically and operating system which was developed by the Apple company. It is basically popular for its hardware they operating system is the one of the most powerful among all the companies of smartphone available around the world. It has been winning the race as it plays and Monopoly in the market as no other phone as not Apple devices are not able to use the iOS on their Android or other smartphone devices.

Like there are many numbers of user who are from Android operating system but there is one problem that they are not following only one company they are using Motorola, Samsung, LG, redmi and many other smartphone. For using the Android Operating System but for using the iOS the user need to buy the Apple device then only they will be able to use it. It was basically launched for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The user interference of iOS is amazing it has direct manipulation the user can use it for the multiple touch gestures its excelnet is really great it has come in the 3D dimensions and the accessories are mind blowing this basically is available in the 40 languages of the world for updating this the user can update from OTA or iTunes they official website of iOS is / iOS.

For adding music to the iPhone device you need to follow some of the steps after that you will be able to add music to iPhone device and you will have to even synchronise that music directly to the iTunes library from where the user will be get the same song without even purchasing or they can even purchase to live music with the help of Apple music subscription you can use very simple questions also like Spotify or controller for listening to music at free of cost.

  • You have to search for the iTunes in your iPhone device you can you and Sachin with the help of the icon which is a multi colored and it is made up of musical in north and the background of the icon is white in colour.
  • You can even put the music to itunes if you leave want to listen to the music in the application which is named as it or without even purchasing the music
  • there are several ways for adding the music in iPhone iTune applications you can download the MP3 files by double clicking on the song you want to add and from there .
  • you will be able to get an option of clicking on the file whatever you will do then there will be an option of add folder to library when you will do this it will be automatically done.
  • You can even get the Cds contents to itunes all you need to do is to put the CD in your computer or CPU device and from there you have to click on the CD Icon from the items and you have to import that CD in your iTunes.
  • You have to connect your iPhone to your computer with the help of USB cable after that you have to press the or double click the iPhone icons then
  • You will get an option of synchronise which will be in green colour when you will do like this you have to wait for your music to synchronise in your iTunes when it will return you have to press the done button.



Download SB Game Hacker Apk For Android And iOS

Download SB Game Hacker Android APK: There are hundreds of countries in the world consisting of billions of people. People change but their desire to avail pro features for free remains constant. Once you get access to various premium accessories while gaming; gaming experiences advances to the next level. SB Hacker APK is an Android application which can be used to hack popular games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Temple Run etc.

Download SB Game Hacker android app is a game hacking tool which can be used on both platforms to modify game content with ease. Some development features of SB Game Hacker for iOS and Android include a simple and clean interface geared up with no-ads and easy operation.

SB Game Hacker accurately searches for the value of any game on its search option titled as ‘Fuzzy Search.’ You can search for game values by floating point decimal with data filtering add-on to improve efficiency of SB Game Hacker app. With the hell of SB Game Hacker you can edit coins, scores and other gems in a game with ease.

Download SB Game Hacker Apk here

With these amazing features lined up to please you; let us discuss how you can Download SB Game Hacker for Android and iOS for free.

Download SB Game Hacker for Android

Android is the most widely used platform in the entire world. SB Game Hacker offers you an opportunity to modify game contents of any Android game.

Download from Official Site

You can download SB Game Hacker for Android following these steps:

  • Download SB Game Hacker App for Android phones by clicking on the link provided by us in this article.
  • Once the download of SB Game Hacker is completed, go to your phone settings. Search for ‘Unknown Sources’ in your phone settings and check right on this option. This option allows the user to download third-party applications via sideloading.
  • Click on the SB Game Hacker APK and wait till the installation process is finished.

Download SB Game Hacker for iOS

iOS is another famous mobile phone platform which is installed in Apple devices. Unfortunately, SB Game Hacker is currently not available for iOS devices but here are few alternative applications which you can use to modify the game content of any iOS game:

  • XModGames
  • Hack Market
  • iFunBox
  • Hack Ex

Download SB Game Hacker For iOS

These applications are compatible with iOS ..devices. With the use of these applications, you will be able to modify the game content of iOS devices. The features of these applications are similar to that of SB Game Hacker for iOS. SB Game Hacker will be available for iOS devices soon, till then you can use these applications for hacking games.

Verdict: SB Game Hacker

The development of applications like SB Game Hacker has made the gaming experience more informative. Gaining access to premium features without paying any real life money has made gaming easier. SB Game Hacker Apk can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices for free and in return, you can modify game contents of almost every game available on the mobile phone markets. Hope you all have downloaded this amazing gaming application on your smartphone. If you got any error or problem while installing SB Game Hacker app then feel free to leave your comment below and before leaving make sure to like and share us on social media as well.…

clash of clans hack

Clash of Clans (Mod Unlimited Money) v8.551.25 games for Android clan war

The newest version of the game Clash of Clans Mod Unlimited Money Android

Game Clash of Clans tribal conflict in the post Apkhouse to introduce the latest version of its website, we can be one of the best online games in style and strategy is online. The popularity of this game so much that could be earned on Google Play Rating: 4.8 out of 5. In this game you have the tools at your disposal is a village and make it a special and unique stimulated, and the village of the more takes a village to build and make it as luck who do you think is simple and mundane because in the meantime have problems such as a lack of tools, different enemies attack the village and … buckle up during the construction.

clash of clans hack

Features of this Clash of Clans v8.551.25:

  • Create a unique village and customized by players
  • Possible conflict with other online users and get points for Open Items
  • To defend the village with tools like cannons, turrets, mortars, bombs, traps and walls
  • Ability to fight the Goblin King in the epic struggle of
  • May play in multiplayer and multiplayer with friends
  • Possible purchase of equipment to collect points to win the battle
  • Graphics and Sound is a very good and desirable

Changes in this version Clash of Clans v8.551.4:

Removed the Halloween theme

FeviconFree Download Link

Clash of Clans v8.551.25 APK

Hack game

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp v1.5.6g mod (unlimited gold/money)

Super beautiful game GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

One of the most graphic games on mobile phones with unparalleled graphical detail
and realistic gameplay professional fantastic racing game in the style of
the prestigious company Gameloft
has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play
version and patch-exclusive license no problem APKHOUSE

The driving style games have a lot of fans and players from all over the world to look at. If you’re a fan of games racing and car rides are, without doubt one of lovers of beautiful and exciting game GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience will. Game GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience a stunning game with excellent graphics and sound design by renowned game studio Gameloft is France. The manufacturer is the company’s Loft game, the title of “the most realistic driving simulator game” to describe the GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience is used.

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Some features of the game GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp Android:

  • Professional graphics and stunning
  • The gameplay is very professional and exemplary and realistic
  • Ability to select and buy cars from more than 65 sports car models
  • Dynamic Sound and Lighting
  • Exclusive sound design car engines
  • The professional design tools from the original models
  • Adjustable Front and camera in different modes
  • Configurable and customizable game controller in Tilt and Touch
  • Has a part to play online with other players


Bloons TD

Bloons TD 5 v3.5.1 (Mod unlimited Money)

Very attractive and fun game Bloons TD 5
The fifth edition of the series Bloons Tower Defense games Ninja Kiwi company

Defense popular styles with challenging gameplay

With a score of 4.5 out of 5 and $ 2.99 at Google Play

For a while Defense game genre in mobile gaming and even computer games have had a strong presence of color. Bloons Tower Defense Bloons TD game series or the title of this collection is that by the end of 2014, the fifth edition of the series were released.


Features of Bloons TD 5 :

  • Popular and famous style of Defense (Defense)
  • The gameplay is challenging and requires power strategy
  • The ability to use more than 21 defense system (Tower Defense)
  • Ability to upgrade different parts for several steps
  • Usability of Special Agents
  • There are 10 stages in 10 different districts with their own features
  • Has a different enemy in poor to very dangerous levels
  • Ltd. has 3 types of fashion
  • The gameplay concept and applicable to all persons
  • Has an online section for Co-op and Versus
  • Ability to use Facebook for online account

Changes in this version Bloons TD 5:


Halloween is over and the ghosts and ghouls have been chased away for another year.Back to the regular bloon popping fun!

Bloons TD 5 MOD Features :

999,999,999 monkey money
999,999,999 tokens
Rank 98
Double cash mode activated
Healthy banana activated
Bigger Beacons activated
All Specialist Buildings unlocked & Upgraded
All Monkey Lab Powers activated / upgraded
All 11 special agents set to 1000
All Towers unlocked & Fully Upgraded
Licence check removed